A Year of Sacred Moments

The Soul Seeker's Guide to Inspired Living

For anyone looking for meaning in today's crazy, busy society, this book is a practical and valuable salve. Hanna Perlberger's teachings are relevant to anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs.

"A Year of Sacred Moments" masterfully creates a captivating bridge between ancient Jewish texts and the growing science of resilience and positive psychology.  Each of the 54 chapters interweaves the weekly Torah portion, with positive psychology, as well as personal anecdotes and observations, to offer a “fresh and optimistic” perspective.

With a weekly “call to action,” a self-guided section of journaling prompts, called “Internalize and Actualize,” readers are invited to discover their own spiritual insights and then create an action plan to craft a life of greater meaning and purpose.



Word on the Street


“A Year of Sacred Moments is a spiritual guide, a moral compass, that can help you navigate life's challenging terrain. The sacred moments you will experience as you work your way through the book will positively impact your days, your weeks, and your life as a whole.”

Tal Ben Shahar,
CEO Potentialife, Best-selling author, "Being Happy," and "Happier"

"Hanna Perlberger guides the reader with an interactive exploration of Torah to create a more meaningful and personal connection with the sacred."

Rabbi David Aaron,
author, "The Secret Life of God," "Endless Light," "The God-Powered Life"

"If you yearn for more sacred moments, this book is for you. With a light-hearted approach to a God-filled life, Hanna Perlberger gives you a path to consciously and systematically engage the sacred. Use this year to craft a life of meaning and purpose."

Megan McDonough,
CEO WholeBeing Institute
Author, "A Minute For Me"

"What's unique and so valuable about this book is that it's a guided journal that can engage and accompany readers on their own interactive spiritual journey.  And after 54 years of journaling, I can guarantee that it's an effective method for bringing together all the parts of one's self."

Janet Falon,
author, "The Jewish Journaling Book"

“For the soul seeker who is interested in personal growth, this innovative and interactive journal , which connects positive psychology coaching with sacred texts, is a must-have!”

Dr. Ruth Pinkenson Feldman, Ed.D.,
author, "The Green Bubbie: Nurturing the Future"

"A Year of Sacred Moments provides a unique guide to a Torah-based conversation that allows for better clarity, choices, and the way to meaningful and inspired living."

Amy Holtz, Esquire,
Executive Producer, Crossing the Line 2: The Intifada Comes to Campus



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